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Millions of people visit emergency rooms and other medical facilities every year because of accidental injuries. These injuries happen in many ways and for many reasons – many of which involve the negligence of other parties. When someone else is responsible for causing your injuries, they should also be responsible for covering your losses.

While you might have the right to receive compensation for your medical bills and other injury-related losses, you must take action to do so. You should also recognize that insurance companies and negligent parties will likely work to avoid liability in many ways, which can make the claim process frustrating and challenging.

To best protect your rights – and your sanity – following an accident and injuries, you should seek help from a Alderton personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Anderson Law Firm, PLLC, is here to help. The following are only some of the many cases we handle.

Alderton, WA Car Accidents

Around three million people suffer injuries in car accidents each year in the U.S., and many of those injuries can be costly. While other drivers are often to blame for car crashes, liable parties can often include companies such as car manufacturers or employers of drivers.

Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks are vital to the economy, but they are also dangerous in the event of a crash. Truck driver error is a major reason for truck accidents, but trucking companies can also be negligent in many ways. These claims can be complicated with a lot at stake since truck accidents often result in life-altering injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is enjoyable for many people in Washington, but these people are also constantly at risk of suffering severe injuries in crashes. Motorcyclists have very little protection, and even the right helmet cannot prevent head trauma and brain injuries all of the time.

Bicycle Accidents

Similar to motorcyclists, bicyclists also have next to no protection if they are hit by a car or otherwise crash. Common causes of bicycle accidents include distracted or aggressive drivers, road hazards, and defective bicycles.

Boating Accidents

While we all enjoy time out on the water, this idyllic activity can become terrifying should an accident occur. Boat accidents are often the result of boat operators or owners, and they cause many types of traumatic injuries and tragic drowning incidents.

Slip and Fall Accidents

You might not think of slip and falls as being particularly serious accidents, but these accidents can happen in a second and leave victims with surprisingly severe injuries. Slip and falls are common in grocery stores and other businesses that allow hazards to exist.

Product Liability

We all purchase and use various products on a regular basis, from toys and games to motor vehicles and appliances. While you might not always consider that products might malfunction and cause injuries, this is a common cause of personal injuries, and manufacturers should be held liable.

Common Injuries and Losses

Alderton Injury claims can also differ based on the types of injuries and losses involved. If you sprained your wrist and needed a couple of weeks of physical therapy, the claim might be fairly straightforward to resolve. On the other hand, if you sustained a paralyzing spinal injury that altered the rest of your life, proving the damages you deserve can be a challenging task. The more severe an injury might be, the more that can be at stake in your injury case.

Our firm helps Alderton, WA clients with many types of injuries, including:

These injuries can result in many losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Liability for Personal Injuries in Alderton, WA

A personal injury lawyer’s first job is to determine who might be responsible for your losses based on the circumstances of your injuries. Then, we file the necessary insurance claims and negotiate with insurance adjusters to seek the full settlement amount you deserve. If we are unable to obtain a fair settlement offer directly from the insurer, we can escalate the matter by filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

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At Anderson Law Firm, PLLC, our Alderton personal injury lawyer is committed to obtaining the maximum amount of compensation in every single case we take. We help injured clients put their lives back together, so please do not hesitate to call 253-881-8613 or contact us online for your free consultation and case evaluation today.